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Light Transmittance Meter Window Glass Tint LU4

Different independent resource and receiver devices make it possible for measurement of large size, mounted and also integrated items such us windshields, solar battery light transmittance meter cover glass, home windows, cast glass. Experience 50x50mm glass plates normally gauged in research laboratory type spectrophotometers can be measured also.

light transmittance meter

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SR3701 Solar Film Transmission Meter is able to all at once display and also determine UV, IR being rejected value and noticeable light transmission worth. The resulting performance information appear on the screen. Light transmittance is a crucial technical sign of several optical items, such as glass, solar film, laminated glass, COMPUTER plastic, etc

You can always contact our customer service for an advised checklist of meters as well as Instruments makers customized just for your need. SR3780 Solar Movie Transmission Meter has the ability to at the same time show and also determine UV, IR being rejected worth as well as noticeable light transmission value. This meter is self-contained lights as well as self-calibration. The customers just require plug the power supply, switch on the switch as well as placed the solar movie in the opening. The resulting performance information reveal on the screen.

. The examination principle of the light transmittance meter is to make use of a visible source of light to illuminate the measured substance. The sensor detects the occurrence light intensity of the light source and also the light strength after going through the gauged substance. The ratio of the transmitted light intensity to the incident light strength is transferred. Rate, revealed as a percentage. Portable spectrophotometer designed for light transmittance dimension of uncoated and also layered materials within the noticeable spooky variety.

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